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Malton Yorkshire Water news

Stanley Bad – singer, songwriter, violinist, saw and pocket trumpet player. Second cousin of Lynda Beast.
Richard Barnes – York based artist: painter, print-maker, teacher. Exhibits internationally.
Matthew Bourne – improv / jazz pianist / cellist and composer – see / hear Yorkshire Water – Broken Promises
Colin Challen – writer, painter (and former MP). Author of ‘Too Little Too Late: The politics of climate change’.
Peter Coates – internationally renowned artist, sculptor and master craftsman working and living in Brawby.
Kit Downes - Mercury Prize nominee, pianist, composer.
Billy Jenkins – legendary bandleader, composer, guitarist, and Humanist Funeral Officiant.
Jan Kopinski – saxophonist and leader of cult band Pinski Zoo.
Stewart Lee – comedian and co-writer of Jerry Springer (The Opera). On his third BBC TV series. Mentioned Malton in his book…
Oren Marshall – tuba player and composer, performing with London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and all the tops.
Mark Sanders – Leading European improvising percussionist / drummer. Working with the cream of free improvising musicians.
Alan Tomlinson – the Danny DeVito of free improv, inimitable and peerless master trombonist. See What’s On – Tuesday 12 November.

Brawby sewer
Brawby Waste Water Treatment Works c/o Yorkshire Water.
Brawby pollution story, photos, videos and press, radio and TV coverage.
Brawby Sewage Disposal Scheme 1952 – 2013. Page 18: ‘Yorkshire Water records’. Read the whole document.

NEWS: Sewer solo review YorkMix 14.11.2013 | Sunday Times Business 10.11.2013 | Sunday Times Prufrock 17.11.2013

Rosella Cottage, Rosedale
Rosella holiday cottage blog mentions The Sewer – a new tourist attraction for Ryedale!

BBC Look North Brawby
BBC Look North – Yorkshire Water Brawby sewer solo (edited highlights): 12.11.2013
BBC Look North – Brawby under sewage contaminated water, confirmed by Mark Scott, Environment Agency 22.10 2013. A reminder…

Yorkshire Water
Yorkshire Water, Broken Promises (video) with music soundtrack by Matthew Bourne.
Yorkshire Water Help@ywhelp Report leaks, bursts or if you smell something dead or fishy. Open M-F 8-8. Emergency: 0845 1 242424.
Yorkshire Water and the Environment. – Bring your wellies!
Yorkshire Water Disclaimer: Yorkshire Water’s OFFICIAL WARNING of the unreliability of its own sewer maps and records.
Yorkshire Water Services Limited – Annual report and financial statements for the year to 31 March 2013. Director bonus payments

Yorkshire Water in Mytholmroyd
Mytholmroyd – Yorkshire Water’s bare-faced attempt to extract money from vulnerable customers whilst pretending to extend a hand of friendship.
Mytholmroyd – Nest Estate Facebook page with photos and background and news of Yorkshire Water meeting updates.
Mytholmroyd – News story in Morning Star 9.11.2013

NEWS: Review YorkMix 14.11.2013 | Sunday Times Business 10.11.2013 | Sunday Times Prufrock 17.11.2013


Consumer Council for Water
Number of complaints made about Yorkshire Water to CCW in 2012 – 2013 = 568. Number of complaints investigated = 0.
‘Spot The Difference’ and WIN… a SKETCH-A-GRAPH. See how Yorkshire Water and the Consumer Council for Water work totally independently of each other! Can you smell something?

Water industry regulator: Great idea but only accessible to ordinary mortals after passing through the sewage screen of CCW, which, as the records and our ‘Spot The Difference’ competition shows, does not allow complaints against its mates to progress. Further shielding and protection of Yorkshire Water is carried out by the Environment Agency and, in the case of Brawby, by North Yorkshire County Council as Lead Local Flood Authority. (Despite the fact that Brawby does not flood). All the agencies and organisations pin the blame and responsibility for causing pollution in Brawby on each other. Sometimes the responsibility-dodging is intentional and designed to mislead (as we will reveal later), and sometimes it is because the individuals concerned do not understand the first principals of science.

NEWS: Review YorkMix 14.11.2013 | Sunday Times Business 10.11.2013| Sunday Times Prufrock 17.11.2013

Environment Agency
Environment Agency Incident Hotline: Report pollution incidents on 0800 80 70 60 (Freephone, 24 hour service – no jobbie too small).
Environment Agency river level data – River Seven at Normanby and Sinnington (interesting but useless).
Environment Agency river level data – River Rye at Ness (ditto).
Environment Agency (letters) – various extracts from the Egyptian Book Of The Dead coming soon…

North Yorkshire County Council
North Yorkshire County Council – Report ‘Highway flooded due to mains sewer burst’ online! ( they’re only kidding).
Mark Young, Flood Management Officer, North Yorkshire County Council. Previously Implementation Manager at Yorkshire Water, New Development Manager at Yorkshire Water, Solutions Manager at Yorkshire Water.
County Councillor Gareth Dadd, North Yorkshire’s Executive Member for Environmental Services, said: “An investigation is crucial and hopefully will shed some light on the issues we are dealing with, the things we did right and how we might best respond to any future event. As a nation we are just at the beginning of investigations into the impact of rising ground water levels, which are likely to become an increasing problem.”

(NYCC would do well to test that its highway surface water drains are fit for purpose. If highway surface water drains via the public sewer, it is not enough to ‘expect’ or ‘imagine’ that the sewers are capable of receiving and dealing with volumes of flow. An ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude is neither acceptable or lawful.)

Ryedale District Council
Ryedale District Council Environmental Health
: Sewage contaminated water in your village street is no concern of theirs – after all, ‘it’s diluted!’.
Ryedale District Council is the local authority with the power (and duty) to deal with justified complaints of statutory nuisance. It should serve an abatement notice on Yorkshire Water for causing repeat instances of public nuisance but, to date, refuses to exercise its powers. Instead, Ryedale District Council’s solicitor Mr. Anthony Winship, and its Health and Environment Manager Mr. Steve Richmond, redirect us to the Consumer Council for Water. (Have you noticed a pattern emerging here?). Play Spot The Difference!

Rye Internal Drainage Board
Rye Internal Drainage Board – See cbec Ryedale Fluvial Audit Report July 2012. Page 19 Figure.3.4 River Seven sediment supply and storage zones.

Members of Parilament and Local and District Councillors
Anne McIntosh MP – Member of Parliament for Thirsk, Malton and Filey, Chair, The All Party Parliamentary Water Group. Twitter.
Linda McAvan MEP, Yorkshire and the Humber.
Councillor John Windress – Ryedale District Council, Member for Sinnington Ward (includes Brawby).
Councillor Linda Cowling – Ryedale District Council, Member for Pickering West Ward. Also Leader of Council.
Councillor Lindsay Burr MBE – Ryedale District Council, Member for Malton Ward. North Yorkshire County Council member for Malton division.

Water Industry Conferences
Water 2013 – Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 November, Hilton Towers Hotel, London. Speakers include Richard Flint, Chief Executive, Yorkshire Water and Dr. Helen Phillips, Director of Customer Service & Networks, Yorkshire Water.

NEWS: Review YorkMix 14.11.2013 | Sunday Times Business 10.11.2013| Sunday Times Prufrock 17.11.2013

The Law (easily overlooked and circumvented, generally unenforced – until now)
Judgement day: Thames Water Utilities Limited v Bromley Magistrates Court and the EA. (aka Puppetry Of The Heinous.)

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All the events in The Sewer are free but donations can be made to WaterAid – WaterAid works in 27 countries worldwide, transforming millions of lives every year with safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects.