Spot The Difference

Spot The Difference

NEWS: Preview The Press 06.10.2013 | Sunday Times Business 10.11.2013


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Spot The Difference Score Sheet – enhance your knowledge by viewing the links below!

1. Video of Brawby pump non-deployment plan failure and pollution incident, 23 June 2013
2. Video of Brawby Sewage Treatment Works operating with TWO NEW pumps, 22 October 2013
3. Copy of letter from Yorkshire Water to Brawby resident about surface water drainage rebate. (The property in question is one of many properties in Brawby connected to the sewer for surface water drainage).

IMPORTANT: DYE HARD – BRAWBY – Episode 1Independent surface water drainage test!


5.1.Video of Brawby Waste Water Treatment works over-spilling untreated effluent, causing pollution.
5.2. Court ruling against Thames Water Utilities Limited re escape of sewage from its sewer network.
Yorkshire Water and pollution in Brawby – enough information to sink a ship.

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