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OK, things take time, and we’ve been frying fish… 

NEWS: Judge describes Yorkshire Water as “reckless”, not just negligent!

Yorkshire Water fined £600,000 for allowing sewage to enter watercourse in village of Staithes. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/yorkshire-water-fined-600000-for-polluting-a-staithes-watercourse-with-sewage-sludge


The Discharge Painters - a new art movement.

Artists Colin Challen, Peter Coates, Simon Thackray and Richard Barnes will make ‘discharge paintings’ using Environment Agency consented discharge from the Yorkshire Water sewer outfall gutter in Brawby.

NEWS: Discharge Painters’ show, Crossley Gallery, Dean Clough, 201?. (Yes, dates coming soon)


The return of the shovel…

Special thanks to Mr Richard Hopkinson from R. Yates & Sons, Limited, Malton for his support and encouragement and for the loan of the shovel, previously used by Swiss-American singer Erika Stucky. Read Charles Hutchinson’s April 2011 review!).


Commissioner of Sewers – film documentary at the Palace, Malton.

The Sewer flows downstream from the Seven to the Rye to the Derwent to emerge in the Palace Cinema, Malton for a specially licensed screening of ‘Commissioner of Sewers’, the documentary about novelist and “father of the Beat Generation”, William S. Burroughs. (Hear extract here)

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Don't delay, play today!

Enter The Sewer competition today! It’s just for fun but it’s super-educational! See how Yorkshire Water and the Consumer Council for Water work independently. It’s old fashioned, manual, and all you need is an HB pencil!

All the events in The Sewer are free but donations can be made to WaterAid – WaterAid works in 27 countries worldwide, transforming millions of lives every year with safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects.